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Bell’s palsy on the right side of my face

Just before Christmas holidays, 2015, I came down with a mild-moderate case of Bell’s palsy on the right side of my face. After researching online, I found that acupuncture sometimes helped with Bell’s palsy complete recovery if started fairly early and at least twice a week. I had never had this type of treatment before so didn’t know what to expect. After trying my first treatment by another acupuncturist in downtown Sac., I felt maybe I could do better and wanted to compare. I found Steve Phillips online and on Facebook. After just one phone conversation with Steve Phillips, I believed his treatment style would be a better match for me. I ended up going for several weeks, twice a week, to Steve. His treatment method seemed far superior and more complete than the first one I had elsewhere.

After each treatment, I experienced enhanced tingling on the right side of my face, which was a good sign that the nerves were starting to heal. Within three-four weeks, my right side looked much more symmetrical again with the left side. I stopped treatments after about 4 weeks and let the rest of the healing take place on its own, which it eventually did.

I do believe the treatments Steve Phillips provided were beneficial to the prompt and complete recovery of my Bell’s palsy. Steve took his time and was very careful in his placement of the needles on my face. The needle placement was not painful and I never felt rushed or stressed during any of my sessions. He has a very pleasant personality and I would feel comfortable and confident recommending him to anyone with Bell’s palsy or pain. In fact, I have already recommended him to someone who has back pain. I would go back to Steve for continued treatment of my own neck, and back pain, and would try acupuncture for knee pain in the future.

Lily C. - Granite Bay, CA

Treated (for): Bell's Palsy

Appropriate care

I have been an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist in the Sacramento region for over 25 years. During that time I have directed several patients with various pathologies, including family members, to Steve for his expert assistance. Recently, I utilized Mr. Phillips for a musculo-skeletal injury of my own which was not responding to treatment as I had wished. Within 3 treatments with Steve I was able to return to exercises in the gym that I had been unable to perform for several months due to pain. Steve is quite good at identifying the problem, explaining his treatment plan and administering the appropriate care in a timely fashion. I will definitely continue to recommend Steve to my patients.

Greg Robinson, PT, GDMT, CMP

Treated (for): Testimonials from Health Professionals

I have always remained pain free

I originally met Steve Phillips in 1992. That was also my first introduction to acupuncture. Steve very successfully treated me for TMJ in my jaw. I investigated acupuncture as an alternative to surgery on my jaw at the suggestion of a good friend. It is now 2008 and although at stressful times I get tense and have a popping in my jaw, I have always remained pain free after my acupuncture treatments many years ago.

At the time that I was first introduced to acupuncture I owned a large retail music store and interacted on a daily basis with many musicians. I referred many musician friends and employees to Steve that were suffering from repetitive motion related injuries. I know many of my referrals lead to successful treatment through acupuncture.

Gail T.

Treated (for): Temporomandibular Joint Pain (TMJ/TMD)

Permanent smoking cessation!

Dear Steve,

On June 11, 2008, I marked two months of smoke-free living in my home!

After the treatment I received on April 11 I did have a few urges to smoke “just one more cigar,” but found that easy to avoid as I had mailed all “left-over” cigars to a friend in Pennsylvania. I now have no such urges and haven’t had “the shakes”, “screaming mimies” or other like withdrawal symptoms.

This is my second Acupuncture treatment. The first was in 1984 for cigarette addiction performed by Dr. Joon K. Nam. I have not smoked nor had the urge to smoke a cigarette and, frankly, dislike the smell of cigarette smoke since that treatment 24 years ago.

I am extremely well pleased with the results of your treatment. The procedure was totally painless and, frankly, I “slept through” most of the session. WONDERFUL! I do enjoy a good, deep, restful sleep. I was rather pleasantly surprised at how relaxing the whole procedure was in general.

I am more than extremely well pleased with the SUCCESS!

I highly recommend acupuncture as the treatment for permanent smoking cessation! No pills, patches or partial results. it is just a firmly based, ancient treatment that helps to stop smoking and curb nicotine dependence. Having “been there” and “done that”, quite frankly, I know it works.

Please feel free to use this letter to encourage others to divest themselves from one of the most disabling and harmful things the colonists found in the “New World.”

cc: Carl Clayson, MD
Jonathan Hemphill, MD
Richie Wong, MD

Julian E. Nicols

Treated (for): Stop Smoking

I am happy to say I am now a non-smoker!

I was a smoker for almost 15 years! I had become used to the high levels of anxiety the addiction was causing. After trying the patch, the gum, and good ol’ fashion will power, I was beginning to feel hopeless and trapped. Then I found Dr. Steve! He is very thoughtful and gentle as well as knowledgeable and professional. I was amazed at how quickly I started to feel the effects of the treatments. I immediately felt more relaxed and balanced. Over just a few weeks, the need to smoke seemed to naturally disappear as my stress level came down. I am happy to say I am now a non-smoker! I continue to see Dr. Steve for any aches or pains because I know it works. (And it really doesn’t hurt at all).

J. Hurley

Treated (for): Stop Smoking

After several of my treatments, I was down to only a few cigarettes a day, and then I finally quit.

In September of 1999 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My surgeon at the time told me he did not want me to worry about quitting smoking until after my treatment. He said this because as I would be going through a lot of stress and change in my life. After I ended my treatment in March of 2000, I was told it was time that I worked on stopping smoking.

I figured I would try the patch, as it was so well advertised and seem to be a great way to quite in about 6 months. Well 6 months later I was still smoking with the patch. Then I asked my doctor for the pills that they talked about, and she gave me the pills. The pills made me feel strange and did not seem to decrease my smoking at all; I may even have smoked more.

At that time, I told my doctor the struggle I was having and that in my heart I really wanted to quit, but was not having any luck. My doctor said she had another patient that had good luck with acupuncture, and gave me a card that her patient had given her. That is when I met Steve Phillips. Steve was so informative, and positive about what acupuncture could do to help me stop smoking. He also explained to me that a lot of stopping is the desire to stop. So I started my acupuncture treatments. It seemed daily that I was smoking less and less. After several of my treatments, I was down to only a few cigarettes a day, and then I finally quit. Because of acupuncture and the support that Steve gave me, I can say I am a non-smoker. When friends asked how I quit, I tell them Acupuncture!! It works!!

Sally Katen
Executive Producer
SK Productions

Treated (for): Stop Smoking

More than pain control

I have been receiving acupuncture from Steve Phillips since 2002 for pain control from having rotator cuff surgery. Before receiving acupuncture from Steve Phillips, it was difficult to do any activity without a high amount of pain. I could not care for my goats, nor could I groom, walk, or train my horses because of the tenderness. In addition, it was also impossible to go to a fitness club to exercise due to the throbbing. Since seeing Steve Phillips, I can care for my goats, work with my horses, and work out at a fitness club regularly. Not only does Steve Phillips aid in pain control, he has developed a technique to reduce scar tissue, so the surgery scars are almost unnoticeable. Steve Phillips has also treated my family members for other ailments such as sciatica, migraine headaches, and scoliosis pain. Before poisoning the body with drugs, try acupuncture first. I do.

Candy Y.

Treated (for): Shoulder Pain

I was sceptical about acupuncture at first

I wish to thank you for the acupuncture treatment that I have received at your clinic. It has been a very good experience. I tried everything to help get rid of my shoulder pain. I was even scheduled for surgery, and on the table, but the proceedure was not done as they could not get the tubes down my throat. Next we tried physical therapy. All that did was create more pain. Now, after 8 treatments, the pain is not as intense, and as often. I have more range of motion and can do more activities. I was sceptical about acupuncture at first, but I am very pleased with the results. I recommend that everyone in my situation try your clinic as they might be surprised with the results.


Treated (for): Shoulder Pain

I asked my doctor if I should try an acupuncturist and he said, “Why not.”

I had extreme pain in my groin and right leg. Had even been hospitalized and tested for clots, etc. I have been diagnosed with stenosis. I asked my doctor if I should try an acupuncturist and he said, “Why not.” After three treatments it left—unbelievable! I am so grateful!

Geraldine S.

Treated (for): Sciatica

My wheelchair and two walkers are back in storage

At the age of 81, I developed a sciatic nerve problem which went on for one and a half years. During that time I also had a total knee replacement and later a second replacement of my hip. My doctors were kind and sympathetic and finally decided that back surgery could be the answer to my sciatic nerve problem. At this point I wasn’t too excited about another surgery. The doctors were understanding. They suggested shots. They gave me cortisone shots which were effective for several months. Next was a nerve blocker, which had no effect on my pain.

At this point I decided I would just have to live out my years in pain. Then my neighbor told me about her young adult son who had developed sciatica problems and couldn’t walk from one room to another. He decided to try acupuncture, and after six treatments went back to work as manager of a large grocery store. Again hope was in sight. Though I knew little about the treatment, what did I have to lose except pain. I conferred with my doctor and told him I would like to try it. He agreed and sent me to Dr. Phillips for six treatments. After six treatments, I informed my doctor of the improvement, but felt another session of six treatments would be even better. He agreed. After the second set of treatments, my wheelchair and two walkers are back in storage. I no longer take medication for the sciatica. Thank you, Dr. Phillips

Irene F.

Treated (for): Sciatica

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