Treated my sciatica with acupuncture

March through July of last year (2006) Steve Phillips, L.Ac. treated my sciatica with acupuncture. Very successful. I still enjoy the relief.

Kind healing help

Dear Steve, Thank you so very much for your kind healing help on using acupuncture on my poor little thumbs’ area (tendonitis). The pain has at least gone. My left thumb area is now doing fine. But of course I’m right-handed so the thumb area on the right is not completely well. But we tried! …

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Be kind to yourself.

There are two people in my life that are extremely important to me. I often tell my nine doctors that I will give them all up before I give up my Acupuncturist, Steve Phillips, and my Bowen Therapist, Christine Jones. I have been seeing Steve for about three years and Christine for over ten years. …

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