Welcome! I am Steve Phillips, Licensed Acupuncturist. I have been practicing Acupuncture for 30+ years, mostly in Sacramento. A few years ago, I briefly attempted to retire to Medellin, Colombia. Then I returned to Sacramento and re-opened my Acupuncture clinic, this time in East Sacramento. My clinic is located at 5120 J Street, Suite E, and my phone number is (916) 822-4628.

If you are looking for more information about Acupuncture, how it works, what health conditions it can treat, etc., you are at the right website 🙂 I have lots of articles about Acupuncture just for people who want to become better informed about it and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For starters, Acupuncture is most famous for treating pain (especially back pain). Acupuncture can help with many other conditions as well. You can look up more specific conditions (such as headaches, plantar fasciitis, or allergic rhinitis) when you click or tap on the Search My Website link. If you aren’t finding the answer you are looking for, please call me at (916) 822-4628 or contact me by email.

My patients have sent me lots of testimonials on their personal experiences with Acupuncture. You will also see those when you Search My Website or just look up testimonialsorganized by the conditions my patients were getting treated for. Here’s a few examples (links to these testimonials are below):
✏️Acupuncture was the keystone to my recovery…
✏️ No inflamed joints since starting the treatment…
✏️ I used a walker until I saw Steve Phillips…

My intention here is that you will find hope and inspiration for your personal journey towards health and wellness.
Steve Phillips, Licensed Acupuncturist

Steve Phillips at the Great Wall in 1988
Learn more about my training in China, which of course included a trip to the Great Wall.
treatment room
A treatment room in my
clinic in East Sacramento
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