Allergic Rhinitis, or Hay Fever–it’s springtime again in Sacramento, time to call my acupuncturist…


And yes, every spring, the phone in my Sacramento acupuncture clinic rings from patients calling and seeking relief. They call because they have received relief in the past, or because they have been referred by friends who have been helped.

Sacramento has been called the allergy capital of California. The city has been lushly planted with pollen-producing trees and is located in a valley, where the pollens and other pollutants tend to linger in the air. A high percentage of residents here suffer from hay fever, more formally called “allergic rhinitis.” Needless to say, I have had a lot of experience treating it.

Most patients definitely obtain relief. I have observed this over two decades of work. The goal of the acupuncture is to reduce symptoms, improve quality of life, and help prevent the occurrence of sinus infections. Most patients are happy with their results.

I generally treat once per week during the period of time people have the greatest problem, and they always know when that is. I might treat them twice the first week. Some people experience significant relief after the first treatment, but most notice increasing improvement over a course of treatments.

The next year, they usually have to come again, but I have noticed that generally, they do not have to come as often. It seems that they respond more rapidly, as though their bodies remembered the response. I have noticed the response is even more rapid the third year.

A bit of scientific information for you: Laboratory studies corroborate the traditional Chinese account of how allergic responses can be reduced or eliminated. They have shown that after acupuncture, the IgE level decreases, resulting in a decrease in histamine production. Acupuncture also seems to desensitize the nerves that would normally react adversely to the IgE-antigen complex.

Some people have hay fever year-round. They are allergic to much more than pollens. The treatment strategy is different. We treat regularly for a longer period of time. I have noticed that fewer and fewer treatments are needed to control symptoms. I conclude from this that the acupuncture is improving their health and progressively desensitizing them to allergens.

For more information here is an older article on allergic rhinitis that is much more detailed.

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