The world looks like a brighter place without pain

I have been having problems with sinus headaches for a long time. The pressure would be unbearable. A friend suggested that I try Acupuncture. I was amazed… Acupuncture cleared the pressure after a few treatments. It has been the most relief I have from this condition without drugs. The world looks like a brighter place […]

My discomfort was relieved

I developed acute foot pain from years of wearing ‘flip-flops’ that were damaging to my high arches. I spent 2 years going to podiatrists, getting xrays plus an MRI, going for physical therapy and wearing orthopedic inserts. Eventually, I sought Steve’s help and within 6-8 sessions, my discomfort was relieved. For the past 1 1/2 […]

Has helped me more than other acupuncturists that I have been to

Steve Phillips has applied acupuncture on me many times for my knee arthritis, hay fever, and other health issues. He has helped me more than the other acupuncturists that I have been to. He is kind and also uses TLC to work on his patients. I enjoy my visits and we joke sometimes. I highly […]

I have suffered from hay fever all my life

I have suffered from hay fever all my life, and the spring is a particularly difficult season for me. This past March, I went to see Steve Phillips to try acupuncture for my allergies. What a wise decision that turned out to be! Steve’s treatment somehow managed to alleviate the great suffering my allergies always […]

Keep a lid on hay fever

Steve Phillips has been my acupuncturist since he started his practice in Sacramento. He can whisk away fibroid tumors or keep a lid on hay fever. Any hurtful illness or injury deserves a visit to Steve. He helped me keep my mother-in-law balanced for three years until her death at 98 years. Steve treated her […]

Effective for a wide variety of ailments

My name is Dean Myers and I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Steve for close to 14 years. When it comes to health, Steve is very knowledgeable. I can attest that his acupuncture treatments are very effective for a wide variety of ailments. Before my first visit, I thought the needles would hurt or […]

Cortisone had not solved my problem

I have been an acupuncture client of Steve Phillips since 1995. I had been referred to him from a massage therapist for a knee problem. Two shots of cortisone had not solved my problem. Steve worked his magic and I was able to return to my career of teaching little children to dance. He has […]

Found relief for various injuries

I have been going to Steve Phillips for several years. I am 57 and have found relief for various injuries, including “tennis elbow” and a too-stretched glute muscle. He has also treated me for allergies, sinus problems, bladder infections and premenstrual symptoms. Once a month “energy balancing” treatments have helped keep me very healthy for […]

I was hoping for relief and received a full pardon!

Steve Phillips is a knowledgeable and caring physician. I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Steve for over three years. He is straight forward in his treatment and very honest. I had sinus headaches and severe hay fever allergies each spring season. While taking all the recommended pharmaceuticals I still suffered. One January I […]

Significant relief

Acupuncture has helped me immensely with ongoing chronic health issues. The treatments provide me with significant relief from arthritis by improving mobility and joint stiffness. I have also experienced relief from sinus discomfort. Acupuncture, with its gentle and natural approach, gives me a peaceful sense of well-being. I recommend that people give acupuncture treatments a […]