Cortisone had not solved my problem

I have been an acupuncture client of Steve Phillips since 1995. I had been referred to him from a massage therapist for a knee problem. Two shots of cortisone had not solved my problem. Steve worked his magic and I was able to return to my career of teaching little children to dance. He has helped me recover from other problems such as a major painful stomach disorder, shingles, nasal congestion and various other problems.

I moved a few years ago and have tried other therapists in other areas of the country but find that they do not have the healing power of Steve. When I return to Sacramento, my first phone call is to Steve for my general tune up. It just makes sense to keep the energy points flowing free to continue having the highest quality of life. You who live in this area are blessed to have the highest quality of “acupuncture by Steve.”

Deanna N.

Treated (for): Stomach Pain, Shingles, Knee Pain, Hay Fever, Digestive Disorders, Allergic Rhinitis

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