I was hoping for relief and received a full pardon!

Steve Phillips is a knowledgeable and caring physician. I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Steve for over three years. He is straight forward in his treatment and very honest.

I had sinus headaches and severe hay fever allergies each spring season. While taking all the recommended pharmaceuticals I still suffered. One January I decided to see Dr. Steve monthly to begin a curious experiment of inner strengthening and healing hoping to improve the inescapable torment of spring. Unbelievably April, May, June came along and I experienced absolutely no symptoms at all. I was hoping for relief and received a full pardon!

There have been times when my energy flow was “off”… I mentioned it before a treatment and with the proper placement of needles I could honestly feel my energy align itself. I have called at the last moment feeling a cold or flu trying to grab me. Dr. Steve would manage to find time to see me and after the one hour treatment the symptoms had evaporated! Amazing!

I highly recommend Steve Phillips to anyone willing to try acupuncture for relief and healing. I am no longer skeptical; I remain grateful.

Angela C.

Treated (for): Sinus Headaches, Hay Fever, Energy Enhancement and Energy Balancing, Common Cold, Allergic Rhinitis

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