No inflamed joints since starting the treatment

I am a young woman who has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia for over three years. Over that time I’ve been on methotrexate, steroids, Enbrel, and a variety of other medications to try to help control my condition, none of which have been particularly successful.

I never bought into the idea that rheumatoid arthritis was a lifetime sentence. And I’ve been trying to heal myself for the entire three years. I had some success with changing my diet, exercise, and lifestyle. I stopped having flare ups when I stopped eating wheat for instance. I had also been able to get off the enbrel shots when I started drinking green drinks and cut out several other foods I found affected my joints.

However, I wasn’t seeing any more results with diet alone, and decided to try acupuncture at Steve’s office.

I went into his office with daily, constant pain. I could barely use my elbows and my knees and back would occasionally act up as well. I was taking 7 methotrexate (a high dose according to my rheumatologist) and getting occasional shots in various joints to try and lessen the swelling.

The first time I went in, I was a bit nervous – even though I’d had an acupuncture treatment once before. But Steve was relaxed, knowledgeable, and had such an easy way about him, that the feeling quickly passed. The treatment itself was much simpler and less involved than I’d expected – just a few needles I could barely feel. But I left feeling relaxed, calm, and less stressed than I’d felt in several months.

I would like to say that healing of my joints was instant, that all the pain went away immediately, but that’s not exactly how it worked for me. I can say that that even with the first treatment, I did feel like something had shifted in my body, but the change in my joints took a few sessions.

The healing of my joints was gradual, a process I didn’t even realize was happening until it had come. By about the third week, I started to notice I felt lighter, my back didn’t act up as much, my elbows straightened out a bit more. Not only did my joints begin to improve, but I felt more clear headed, and more at ease.

The second month only got better. My joints started straightening out completely, I stopped having chronic inflammation in my elbows, and my pain was becoming less in weekly stages. I even called up my rheumatologist and asked if I could lower the dose of methotrexate somewhat. Slowly and surely my energy, my hopefulness, and my vibrance was coming back. I felt as if I’d been given a new lease on life.

I’m at the end of my third month of treatment now, and feeling better than ever. I’m now down to taking only three methotrexate, and wouldn’t be surprised if I am able to stop taking it entirely over the next few months. I haven’t had a day in the last month that I couldn’t use my elbows and I have had no inflamed joints since starting the treatment. My days of getting shots to correct inflammation are over.

I have been so impressed with Steve’s wisdom and his healing ability that I’ve even decided to become an acupuncturist myself.I have been given a gift that’s value can not be summed up with words. But for those of you who understand what living with rheumatoid arthritis means, perhaps this will do: The pain is gone.

Steve has given me back my life, both physically and spiritually, I can’t truly repay that gift, but perhaps one day I can pay it forward and help others in the same way.



Treated (for): Knee Pain, General Health, Energy Enhancement and Energy Balancing, Elbow Pain, Arthritis

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