Relief from numbness

Over the last 10 or so years, I have experienced increasing numbness in my arms and hands while trying to sleep after extensive use of my arms, i.e., a weekend of yard work involving raking, pruning, hedge trimming, and weeding; several days of wall and trim painting, moving heavy boxes, etc. Additionally, this problem also began to occur after a few hours of typing at the computer and while driving. The numbness had become so persistent and uncomfortable that it was regularly interrupting my sleep. Upon consultation with Steve, he explained what he thought the source of the problem was and I embarked upon a series of once weekly acupuncture treatments. I felt relief from the numbness after the first treatment. This condition has continued to improve after each treatment. I am sleeping much better now, as the numbness occurs only infrequently and not enough to interrupt my sleep.

Sally O.

Treated (for): Peripheral Neuropathy, Hand Pain, Arm Pain

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