Really hate needles!


I really hate needles! That tells you how difficult it was for me to go to an Acupuncturist.

My husband had gone to Steve Phillips with great success, so I gave him a try. I had tennis elbow and was in a lot of pain. After five visits, the pain was gone and it never came back. My next visit, some years later, was for shoulder pain on one side and arm pain on the other side. I waited three months to call Steve. By that time, the pain was severe. Again, five visits and it was gone.

I am now seeing him for lower back pain. I have no doubt that it will be gone soon.

I have recommended Steve to several friends. They have also been relieved of their pain.

I still hate needles, but continue to go to Steve for permanent relief of my aches.

Evelyn J.

Treated (for): Tennis Elbow, Shoulder Pain, Lateral Epicondylitis, Elbow Pain, Back Pain - Low, Back Pain - General, Arm Pain

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