I can sleep comfortably and lead a normal life

I began acupuncture treatment after a minor vehicle crash which caused me neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Physical therapy did not work and seemed to cause me more pain. After a couple of sessions at The Acupuncture Clinic, I began to feel relief. I was sleeping through the night, taking less medication and rating […]

Helping to relieve my pain

I was hospitalized four weeks ago with horrible backpain. Unable to lay down in my bed or sit down in a chair. I spent more than a week without sleep. Until my husband suggested to me to try acupuncture. For the first session with Steve Phillips most of my back pain was gone. After the […]

I appreciate the technique of Acupuncture

Because I’m a Neuroscientist (retired), I appreciate the technique of Acupuncture, and know there is a good scientific basis for its success in blocking pain. I went to Steve for acute lower back pain, and was well and golfing again within a week of a single treatment. While I was in the office, I noticed […]

I used a walker until I saw Steve Phillips

I had never had acupuncture before and never thought I would. However, March 17, 2007 I was cleaning the garage out and my back was hurting before I was done. A few hours later I could hardly move without pain. I had problems in the 2005 but physical therapy and one spinal epidural (steroid) injection […]

Skilled acupuncture treatments

It was a fortunate day for me when a friend directed me to Steve Phillips’ practice of acupuncture. Now I, in turn, can highly recommend him to others. I suffer from lower back pain and am so grateful for the relief I experience from the skilled acupuncture treatments provided by Steve.

Acupuncture helps to keep my body balanced

I’ve been going to Dr. Steve Phillips for approximately ten years. I had a car accident approximately 15 years ago, when I got hit by a eighteen wheeler truck. My lower back goes out and my body is headed into two different directions. Dr. Steve Phillips, a good chiropractic adjustment and a day off work, […]

Thank you for the acupuncture treatments

Dear Steve, Thank you for the acupuncture treatments. You have not only helped me with the treatments for the pain in my back and neck, but for the T.M.J. and inner ear. Thanks Steve

“Try him and see for yourself!”

I am a 76 year old man, and have had back problems and sciatica most of my life. I was a baker for 40 years and have been cutting firewood for 34 years. Pain pills do help relieve the pain, but hinder other skills, like driving. Acupuncture with Steve Phillips has helped me to do […]

Instant relief

My name is Eric. I injured my back in a work related injury in 1989. From 1989 to 2004, I was in continuous back and neck pain. I tried physical therapy, medications, chiropractic treatment, but nothing seemed to work. In 2004 I heard about Steve Phillips Acupuncture Clinic and decided to give it a try. […]

Promising results

On an early spring day of this year my neighbor noticed that I was very distressed with a serious sinus infection (for over 45 days of missed work) and suggested I see Steve Phillips as he’d helped him with a long running chronic sinus infection. This turned out to be great and welcome advice. After […]