I appreciate the technique of Acupuncture

Because I’m a Neuroscientist (retired), I appreciate the technique of Acupuncture, and know there is a good scientific basis for its success in blocking pain.

I went to Steve for acute lower back pain, and was well and golfing again within a week of a single treatment.

While I was in the office, I noticed a pamphlet about the use of Acupuncture as an alternative to face-lift surgery. I have now been going in for approximately weekly sessions, and after 6 weeks, my friends are looking at me with an unspoken question “What are you doing?” and saying “you look great”. Several people haven’t recognized me when I approached them at events, and I do believe it’s working to lessen lines and tighten up the flesh, over my cheeks especially. I think this is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery, and if Steve thinks it would work on someone’s skin, I would highly recommend giving it a try. I understand it doesn’t work for everyone, but I’m really pleased with the results on my face.

DWG, Ph.D.

Treated (for): Cosmetic Acupuncture, Back Pain - General

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