I used a walker until I saw Steve Phillips

I had never had acupuncture before and never thought I would. However, March 17, 2007 I was cleaning the garage out and my back was hurting before I was done. A few hours later I could hardly move without pain. I had problems in the 2005 but physical therapy and one spinal epidural (steroid) injection put me back on my feet. This time I had 2 epidurals and physical therapy and lots of pain medication. Besides having pain in the back my left leg would give out and I had severe leg cramps. I used a walker until I saw Steve Phillips and had my first treatment with acupuncture. So after being in a walker for 4 months in order to get around I am one very happy lady. I would and have recommended acupuncture to anyone that is living on pain pills and not getting better. Thanks Steve for giving me back my life, I can once again enjoy shopping, concerts and vacation, let alone day to day living.

Linda S.

Treated (for): Sciatica, Back Pain - General

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