Severe arm and shoulder pain

I had severe arm and shoulder pain. I am rarely slowed or stopped by pain, I usually can work through it. Working through this pain was not going to happen. I could not get away from it. It was interfering with my ability to do my job. I am the Financial Director of small social services nonprofit and my job puts me in front of a computer all day. The pain was so bad I could hardly move my arm and I was having problems lifting my arm to type. All this happened in the middle of our annual audit. I started looking for alternative treatments because I just could not work and take pain medicine and I needed to work and provide the information required by the auditor. I fully committed to treatment with Steve and within four visits my pain slowing decreased until now I rarely have any pain in my arm or my shoulder. Steve recommended that we do several more visits to make sure that everything is completely gone. Thank you Steve, great job!


Treated (for): Shoulder Pain, Pain Management, Arm Pain

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