Trigger Point Specialist Extraordinaire

Trigger Point Specialist Extraordinaire is how I think of Steve Phillips. My first visit to the Acupuncture Clinic brought relief. I had been off from work for nearly three months with muscle strain/tendon pain in my forearms. Virtually complete rest of the forearms was the prescription for curing this problem and although helpful did not get me to the point of returning to work. Since I am in front of a computer all day I could not do my job or much of anything else that required use of my forearms, which is just about anything. I discovered through Steve there are trigger points in the forearms and once the trigger points are targeted, the acupuncture does its magic. I was so very happy to return to work and I truly attribute this to finding this miraculous treatment and the very kind and caring specialist who administers the care. Thank you so very much, Steve.


Treated (for): Tennis Elbow, Elbow Pain, Arm Pain

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