The treatments work to manage my pain

I have been going to Steve Phillips for nearly 15 years now for acupuncture treatment of peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I can definitely attest that the treatments work to manage my pain and maintain my mobility.

Acupuncture has enabled me to continue working

I have tendonitis in my wrists that was so severe it made it very difficult to keyboard, which is 90% of what I do on the job. Acupuncture has enabled me to continue working, by relieving the pain for extended periods of time. When the pain returns it has never been at the severity it […]

Relief from phantom pains

I started getting relief from phantom pains in my amputated leg almost immediately. Steve Phillips has really helped me with these pains.

No pain pills

I consider Steve Phillips as the MIRACLE MAN of my right arm. After two Kaiser Physicians recommended surgery on my right shoulder rotator cuff, I refused and opted for painful physical therapy which did nothing but created more pain, I sought help from Acupuncture. As a result, after just 7 treatments from Steve, I regain […]

Acupuncture treatments for me are working

In January 2006 I underwent a laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass at Kaiser Hospital in South San Francisco. The pre screening, counseling and ultimately the surgery went according to plan and was very successful. It probably saved my life due to the morbidities I was dealing with. And “yes”, I would recommend this procedure to others […]

Immediate relief after the first treatment

After suffering for more than 10 years with painful plantar fasciitis and traditional treatments that addressed the symptoms for short-term periods, I began searching for alternative treatments. At this point I was taking high dosages of painkillers daily and was concerned about the long-term detriment to my overall health, and really not achieving much relief, […]

Be kind to yourself.

There are two people in my life that are extremely important to me. I often tell my nine doctors that I will give them all up before I give up my Acupuncturist, Steve Phillips, and my Bowen Therapist, Christine Jones. I have been seeing Steve for about three years and Christine for over ten years. […]

Gives me more energy

Acupuncture is very relaxing and gives me more energy, pain relief and a general feeling of well-being. The treatments are given in a peaceful and very supportive atmosphere.

Acupuncture has helped manage the pain

I have been treated with Acupuncture for the past 10 years. I originally started using Acupuncture to help manage the pain from sciatic nerves in my lower back from a disc problem. When my tendonitis in my elbow flared up Acupuncture helped that as well. I suffered a bad fall and broke my tibia and […]

I felt the difference in my well being

This is my testimonial to the treatment given by Steve Phillips, M.A., L.Ac. Maybe I should tell you my story. I was in an auto accident in 10/2006 and I had chiropractic care for 45 months, it helped for a while and so I saw a massage therapist and that helped for a while, but […]