Immediate relief after the first treatment

After suffering for more than 10 years with painful plantar fasciitis and traditional treatments that addressed the symptoms for short-term periods, I began searching for alternative treatments. At this point I was taking high dosages of painkillers daily and was concerned about the long-term detriment to my overall health, and really not achieving much relief, so I felt I had nothing to lose by trying acupuncture.

After enduring the years of splinting, icing, heating, muscle relaxants, painkillers, shots, and other ineffective treatments standard medicine had to offer, my expectations for any results were not high. However, I felt an immediate relief after the first treatment, and within one week, I was no longer taking painkillers at all. My feet, which had been swollen and painful to the touch, were hardly swollen and could tolerate pressure. I was feeling better physically overall, and had been able to take a walk around my neighborhood, without subsequently icing and raising my feet for hours afterward.

The results after three treatments are nothing short of amazing, as the pain is almost completely gone and I can participate in activities that require walking or standing, which I would have avoided previously. I can’t explain how it works, and I don’t know why it worked, but it did, and I would recommend Steve Phillips without reservation to anyone dealing with muscular, skeletal, or chronic pain.

Thank you!

Anna Marie

Treated (for): Plantar Fasciitis, Pain Management, Foot Pain

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