Highly professional and sincerely warm hearted

This is a letter where I would like to express my gratitude and high regards to Steve Phillips, my disabled mother’s therapist. I started taking my mother to Steve Phillips’ office about one year and a half ago and I was from the start very impressed with his highly professional and at the same time sincerely warm hearted way of taking care of his patients. Making sure that his patient is comfortable and accommodating to disabled patient’s needs. He moves for my mom chairs so she can get into the room with her walker, he makes sure that the temperature in the room is comfortable and lets her into the room so she can lay down waiting for the treatment as soon as he has an available room. He also allows her to stay after treatment, comfortably in the room until her special transportation bus arrives to pick her up. He is always busy taking care of many patients but he has time for everyone to feel special and cared for. My mother is always happy about her visits to see Steve Phillips and I noticed all his patients in his office look happy and comfortable and he welcomes them and says goodbye to them in a very caring, special way that would make any patient feel respected and safe in his care.

His office is always very tidy and organized and all rooms are comfortable. He focuses during the treatment to make sure that the treatment will be the most effective and shows very deep knowledge of patient’s condition and needs. I’m so comfortable of Steve Phillips taking care of my mom, that now that I start my semester at University and will not be able to come with her on her visits, I am still confident and not worried-I know that he will take good care of my mom as he always does. My mother finds his treatments always effective and she would recommend him to anyone as a therapist of choice.

We both are very grateful for Steve Phillips’ hard work and care.

Margarita Brosova

Treated (for): General Health

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