Foot Pain

Improved tremendously!

I have struggled with plantar fasciitis for over 10 years. The pain has progressively increased over the years and has limited my physical activity. I have tried shoe orthotics, steroid injections, massage and decreasing my activities to curb my pain. None of the treatments that I tried in the past relieved the pain I endured

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Pain in my left foot

I am a runner who recently had to cease doing what I love doing due to plantar fasciitis. During a 1/2 marathon, around mile 11, I began experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in my left foot. I finished the race, but could barely walk. I could put no pressure on my heel whatsoever. Although

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Kept me pain-free

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! In November of 2008, I came down with plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. I was getting ready to start training in January 2009 for my first 100-mile endurance run (, the premier 100-mile ultra. From January 1st through June 27th, training harder than I’ve ever trained before, averaging 70

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Morton’s Neuroma

For over seven years, I suffered from a foot disorder called Morton’s Neuroma. The pain was diabilitating, growing from a sensation like a rock in my shoe to foot swelling and pain requiring bedrest. Unfortunately, I eventually required surgery on my foot to removed a nerve associated with the neuroma condition. I was informed by

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My discomfort was relieved

I developed acute foot pain from years of wearing ‘flip-flops’ that were damaging to my high arches. I spent 2 years going to podiatrists, getting xrays plus an MRI, going for physical therapy and wearing orthopedic inserts. Eventually, I sought Steve’s help and within 6-8 sessions, my discomfort was relieved. For the past 1 1/2

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Two years ago I developed a neuroma in my left foot. It became very painful to run and even walk. At times wearing shoes would feel extremely uncomfortable. Having medical insurance I did what most people would do and sought the treatment of a podiatrist. His first impression was that the neuroma was so severe

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Saw 5 different doctors

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and feet neuropathy about 2 years ago with almost constant pain. I saw 5 different doctors for this and did not receive any relief. After a couple months of treatment by Steve Phillips I started getting some relief and am continuing to improve. Steve has also recommended a couple

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