Two years ago I developed a neuroma in my left foot. It became very painful to run and even walk. At times wearing shoes would feel extremely uncomfortable. Having medical insurance I did what most people would do and sought the treatment of a podiatrist. His first impression was that the neuroma was so severe it would eventually require surgery, which involves severing the nerve just above the inflamed area. This was not something either of us wanted to do. After a year of treatment and a considerable amount of patience I was able to avoid having surgery but not able to rid myself of the neuroma and its effects. Feeling very frustrated and wanting to run full time again I sought a different approach and came to Steve Phillips. Over the past few months Steve has treated my injury and helped me to start running again. More importantly, he’s been able to reduce the size of the neuroma to a point where 95% of the time I don’t even notice it, even on long runs of ten to twelve miles. With Steve’s help I feel confident that I can maintain this level of rehabilitation and hopefully in the next few months be completely free of its effects. Also, as an unexpected benefit of Steve’s treatment, I have found the acupuncture treatment extremely relaxing and energizing helping to relieve stress and increase my overall well-being.


Treated (for): Foot Pain

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