More than pain control

I have been receiving acupuncture from Steve Phillips since 2002 for pain control from having rotator cuff surgery. Before receiving acupuncture from Steve Phillips, it was difficult to do any activity without a high amount of pain. I could not care for my goats, nor could I groom, walk, or train my horses because of […]

I was sceptical about acupuncture at first

Steve, I wish to thank you for the acupuncture treatment that I have received at your clinic. It has been a very good experience. I tried everything to help get rid of my shoulder pain. I was even scheduled for surgery, and on the table, but the proceedure was not done as they could not […]

No pain pills

I consider Steve Phillips as the MIRACLE MAN of my right arm. After two Kaiser Physicians recommended surgery on my right shoulder rotator cuff, I refused and opted for painful physical therapy which did nothing but created more pain, I sought help from Acupuncture. As a result, after just 7 treatments from Steve, I regain […]

Acupuncture treatments for me are working

In January 2006 I underwent a laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass at Kaiser Hospital in South San Francisco. The pre screening, counseling and ultimately the surgery went according to plan and was very successful. It probably saved my life due to the morbidities I was dealing with. And “yes”, I would recommend this procedure to others […]

My energy level has greatly improved

Testimonial for Steve Phillips I had been having left shoulder pain for a very long time and right knee pain for at least 2 months, and had decided I would have to live with it. I thought that it was just part of getting older, along with the loss of energy and “hot flashes”. When […]

Still in shock how quickly Steve was able to “fix” me

At the suggestion of my wife (who has no experience with acupuncture), I decided to try acupuncture. For over a year, I had been suffering with severe diarrhea, nausea, lack of appetite, weight loss, and a complete lack of energy. I’ve been seen by several G.I. specialists, had a myriad of tests, and was given […]

Since 2004 doctors have been trying to find the cause

I have been under a doctor’s care since 1994 because of industrial injuries that developed during my employment as a computer programmer. I had a 3-level cervical fusion in 1996, rotator cuff impingement surgery in 1999 and 2001, and then surgery for radial nerve entrapment in my right arm in 2003. Since 2004 doctors have […]

Made me feel “whole” again as well as a whole lot younger

I am grateful to Steve for what he has done not only for my right shoulder, which has been a source of chronic pain for two decades due to calcium deposits, but also for my lower back, which x-rays confirm has arthritis at several levels resulting in my specialist’s conclusion that I have “thoracic spondylosis […]

I can sleep comfortably and lead a normal life

I began acupuncture treatment after a minor vehicle crash which caused me neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Physical therapy did not work and seemed to cause me more pain. After a couple of sessions at The Acupuncture Clinic, I began to feel relief. I was sleeping through the night, taking less medication and rating […]

To my surprise, the needles do not hurt

After a fall, I had experienced fairly constant neck, shoulder and back pain even after physical therapy. The pain specialist recommended acupuncture. I did not expect much relief and was not looking forward to the needles. However, to my surprise, the needles do not hurt and after a few sessions, I realized that the pain […]