Still in shock how quickly Steve was able to “fix” me

Still in shock how quickly Steve was able to “fix” me

At the suggestion of my wife (who has no experience with acupuncture), I decided to try acupuncture. For over a year, I had been suffering with severe diarrhea, nausea, lack of appetite, weight loss, and a complete lack of energy. I’ve been seen by several G.I. specialists, had a myriad of tests, and was given all sorts of medications to help the symptoms. But, no diagnosis, my insurance paying out more than $200,000 in hospital stays, referals to U.C. Davis and UCSF. So, although I was a bit reluctant and a bit skeptical, I decided to make an appointment with Steve. I am still in shock how quickly Steve was able to “fix” me. After the first visit, I felt better. But the symptoms came back after the third day. But after the second treatment a week later, I felt great! I still go to Steve (it has been about 4 weeks now), because I just want to make sure I’m completely cured. Now my wife has an appointment to take care of her headaches.

I also had some stiffness and soreness in my shoulder, and thought I might as well see if Steve could do something for that. It too improved after the first visit, and since the second visit, it has felt great. I am now an absolute believer in acupuncture, and especially a believer in Steve.

Bob W.

Treated (for): Shoulder Pain, General Health, Digestive Disorders

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