More than pain control

I have been receiving acupuncture from Steve Phillips since 2002 for pain control from having rotator cuff surgery. Before receiving acupuncture from Steve Phillips, it was difficult to do any activity without a high amount of pain. I could not care for my goats, nor could I groom, walk, or train my horses because of the tenderness. In addition, it was also impossible to go to a fitness club to exercise due to the throbbing. Since seeing Steve Phillips, I can care for my goats, work with my horses, and work out at a fitness club regularly. Not only does Steve Phillips aid in pain control, he has developed a technique to reduce scar tissue, so the surgery scars are almost unnoticeable. Steve Phillips has also treated my family members for other ailments such as sciatica, migraine headaches, and scoliosis pain. Before poisoning the body with drugs, try acupuncture first. I do.

Candy Y.

Treated (for): Shoulder Pain

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