After a few appointments I was amazed at how good I started feeling

I was a skeptic at first because, I had tried another form of acupuncture and found it only helped a small amount, but my husband’s back had gone out on him and he could barely walk. A friend told us about Steve Philips’ acupuncture clinic and my husband had tried the chiropractor and was in […]

I feel hopeful that I will regain my full mobility

Over the past 3 months I’ve come to believe that Steve Phillips works magic with his tiny acupuncture needles! I didn’t think that I would ever find the relief that I’m experiencing now. My story is a common one in which my low back pain and sciatica continued to worsen year after year despite my […]

Since 2004 doctors have been trying to find the cause

I have been under a doctor’s care since 1994 because of industrial injuries that developed during my employment as a computer programmer. I had a 3-level cervical fusion in 1996, rotator cuff impingement surgery in 1999 and 2001, and then surgery for radial nerve entrapment in my right arm in 2003. Since 2004 doctors have […]

Made me feel “whole” again as well as a whole lot younger

I am grateful to Steve for what he has done not only for my right shoulder, which has been a source of chronic pain for two decades due to calcium deposits, but also for my lower back, which x-rays confirm has arthritis at several levels resulting in my specialist’s conclusion that I have “thoracic spondylosis […]

Within six treatments I was on my feet again and sleeping well

I am an active 63 years old male. But 8 years ago, I found myself facing two ruptured vertebrae disks in my lower back. I couldn’t walk more than 100 feet before needing to sit down, and the horrific pain was non-stop. Eventually, I found acupuncture. Within six treatments I was on my feet again […]

A co-worker recommended acupuncture

My lower back pain started after a fall down a flight of stairs. When it did not subside after several months, I visited my doctor and he prescribed pain medication and physical therapy. Both treatments did very little to actually solve the problem and only masked the issue. Several months later, a co-worker recommended acupuncture […]

Happy with the results

It’s been really nice to have a pain-free lower back for the first time in a year, and without pain killers. I’m very happy with the results of acupuncture.

Strained my lower back

I had strained my lower back on business travels recently. Steve was able to treat me unexpectedly expediting the healing process. Feeling immobile is tragic while keeping a schedule. Be sure to patronage your local licensed Acupuncturist when in need of pain management without popping a pill. With much ALOHA to you and yours Steve. […]

Has a deep knowledge and very good skills

February 3, 2013 A letter of reference from Lilia Brossova, M.D. for my therapist Steve Phillips, M.A., L.Ac. I am Steve Phillips’ patient starting from April 2012, doing treatments regularly, twice a month, since then to present. I started treatments with him right after I moved from Tucson, Arizona. I was looking for a therapist […]

Steve Phillips’ knowledge/ability changed my pain filled life!

In early November 2011 I experienced a serious pain in my lower back and right leg. the pain was excruciating and I was on my back on the floor and stayed that way getting up only for basic necessities. This lasted for several months. I was taking Flexeral, Soma tablets and Vicodin but none helped […]