Has a deep knowledge and very good skills

Has a deep knowledge and very good skills

February 3, 2013

A letter of reference from Lilia Brossova, M.D. for my therapist Steve Phillips, M.A., L.Ac.

I am Steve Phillips’ patient starting from April 2012, doing treatments regularly, twice a month, since then to present. I started treatments with him right after I moved from Tucson, Arizona. I was looking for a therapist prior to my move to Sacramento because I needed continuous supportive care for my severe back injury. It was very hard, being still in Tucson, to find a good therapist without knowing anyone in Sacramento, but when I started calling to acupuncturists, many of them, after learning about my medical condition immediately recommended me Steve Phillips as the best therapist for my condition. When I called him I was very impressed with his very compassionate and professional manner of talking to me as a prospective new patient, ready to accept me right away when I moved to Sacramento, reassuring me with true empathy, welcoming me to come for the first treatment whenever I need to.

Since then every time I come for the treatment I can’t help admiring Steve Phillips’ very calm, kind attitude, sincerely cheerful and compassionate way of talking to me and other patients. Being a doctor of medicine myself I also couldn’t help noticing that even though he is always busy and has a few patients in the office simultaneously, he always finds time to greet you with a smile and makes sure you are comfortable while waiting for the treatment. I also admire how he manages to keep his office always clean, quiet and comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer for his patients’ comfort. He works with needles, and again as a medical professional, I noticed that all shelves and tables look very clean and all rooms have special containers for used needles, which is extremely important for any patient to feel safe and comfortable.

Steve Phillips checks on patients in the most caring way to make sure they are alright. He is always ready to accommodate to patients’ schedule needs and makes schedule changes very willingly and happily.

He definitely has a deep knowledge and very good skills to understand and treat my condition and his treatments are always helpful and give me relief each time. I heard the same about his treatments from other patients while talking to them in the waiting room. I move around in his office with a four-wheels walker, he personally makes sure that I can comfortably walk through the doors and moves chairs for me to help me have space in the room to be comfortable. I also admire his dedication to his patients, he is very focused on the treatment and very politely keeps my attention on the treatment so that he can have my feedback for the best results. He always makes an effort to give the best possible treatment and does not get distracted, stays focused on the treatment each time.

While waiting for the treatment in the waiting room, each time I admire his way of talking to his patients on the phone in the most friendly manner, changing appointments for their needs very willingly, and welcoming inquiring prospective new patients in a very compassionate, warm way.

I am totally disabled and I arrive to Steve Phillips office on a special ParaTransit bus each time way too early for my appointment and also after the treatment I have to wait most times for up to one hour for the bus to come and pick me up. Steve Phillips always reassures me that that is fine with him and he even goes an extra mile to offer me a spare room so I can relieve my constant strong back pain by laying down while I am waiting for my bus. I am very grateful for his hard work with me and I feel lucky to be his patient. I would recommend Steve Phillips to anyone who needs medical attention from a professional of his specialty.

Lilia Brossova, M.D.

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