Testimonials from Health Professionals

Appropriate care

I have been an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist in the Sacramento region for over 25 years. During that time I have directed several patients with various pathologies, including family members, to Steve for his expert assistance. Recently, I utilized Mr. Phillips for a musculo-skeletal injury of my own which was not responding to treatment as …

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My primary care doctor suggested acupuncture treatments

About six months ago, I was diagnosed with neuropathy of my feet. My left foot was more painful than my right foot. My primary care doctor suggested acupuncture treatments. After four acupuncture treatments, the pain is less in both feet. I am able to walk longer distances with little or no discomfort. Sincerely,

No pain pills

I consider Steve Phillips as the MIRACLE MAN of my right arm. After two Kaiser Physicians recommended surgery on my right shoulder rotator cuff, I refused and opted for painful physical therapy which did nothing but created more pain, I sought help from Acupuncture. As a result, after just 7 treatments from Steve, I regain …

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Improved immunity

I began seeing the acupuncturist, Steve Phillips, at the Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic on June 8, 2009. I had just finished a course of antibiotics for a bronchial infection and I also had stabbing pain (from neuralgia) behind my left ear. After one treatment of acupuncture the pain behind my ear was gone! I …

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80% reduction in the intensity and frequency of headaches

After four acupuncture treatments, I have experienced an 80% reduction in the intensity and frequency of my migraine/tension headaches. Steve Phillips is a skilled and sensitive practitioner who I recommend without reservation.

No negative side effects

Hello Steve, Thank you for asking me to do an acupuncture testimonial. My personal story is an example of the timelessness of acupuncture. I practiced acupuncture as a physician in Romania 25 years ago. At that time it was something new and people used it to treat their chronic diseases along with Western medicine. At …

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Decreased the pain tremendously!

A couple of years ago, I injured my thumb joint. The pain was excruciating. The acupuncture treatments that Steve provided decreased the pain tremendously! I was able to return to work and to take less pain medication (motrin and tylenol). I have recommended it to some of my patients, too.

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