I pushed for a referral for acupuncture

Here it goes: In 2005 I injured my hip badly in a boat incident. I had tremendous pain and could not sleep on my right side at all. For a year I pursued the conventional medical treatment, took pain medication, did physical therapy and exercise. Also there was never a definitive diagnosis. This treatment produced no results. After about 10 months I was very discouraged and concerned that this would become a chronic injury that I would just have to endure. But being a social worker caused me to continue to seek out treatment and advocate for myself. I pushed for a referral for acupuncture and was able get a consult with Steve Phillips. Steve made a preliminary diagnosis of a deep hip bone bruise and I began treatment. With 3 to 4 sessions, there was a definite shift in pain and my ability to lay on my side again. After about 3 months, the improvement progressed to the point that I can now sleep through the night on that side, I have only slight pain when I get fatigued. I continue to see Steve once a month for maintenance.

Steve is very knowledgeable and very professional. I would recommend his expertise to anyone.

Nancy White, LCSW

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