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I hurt my back

I have had back pain off and on for most of my adult life. Over the last 5 years I have had an increase of the baseline pain level but with Yoga and Chiropractic help I thought I had become stronger and felt my back was in better shape than ever before. Then it happened…

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Am back to my jogging

For the past two months I have had a nagging pain in my left lateral quadriceps muscle which has been treated with anti-inflammatory meds, physical therapy and steroid injections, with little improvement. I had a patient who had had chronic back pain that hadn’t responded to physical therapy and she had seen Steve Phillips and

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Reduced and stabilized my pain levels

I have experienced significant back pain during the past 8 years. I have utilized physical therapy, Chiropractic and physician-instigated interventions. All produced limited results. About six years ago, during an internet search, I happened upon Steve Phillips, Acupuncturist. Since my first visit, I began to experience reduction of my nearly constant pain. His treatments have

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Allowing me to live a fuller life

Steve Phillips has performed acupuncture for me for many years treating the osteoarthritis in both shoulders which has eroded the cartilage in the shoulder joints. This condition creates pain from the right elbow to the left causing pain across my shoulders, into my neck, and creates great difficulty in performing many tasks of daily living.

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First acupuncture experience

Testimonial for Steve Phillips’ Acupuncture Practice Kaiser Permanente referred me to Steve for relief of long standing back pain radiating into both legs. Additionally, I have Fibromyalgia. My hope is to stay off pain medication as much as possible, instead relying upon acupuncture. This was my first acupuncture experience. Surprisingly the period of time while

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