I hurt my back

I hurt my back

I have had back pain off and on for most of my adult life. Over the last 5 years I have had an increase of the baseline pain level but with Yoga and Chiropractic help I thought I had become stronger and felt my back was in better shape than ever before. Then it happened… I hurt my back and this time I was unable to get pain relief by doing the usual things I had done in the past to get back to my baseline. After 6 mos of significant pain and frustration I turned to Acupuncture and not only was I able to get back to my baseline pain level within a few weeks I was able to figure out what muscles were really causing my back pain. I also have painful trigger points in these muscles which Steve Phillips has been able to identify and treat very effectively. I am now back to playing golf and am able to operate pretty much like I was before this last episode of back pain.

I appreciate all that Steve Phillips has done to help my back.

Deepak D. Chabra M.D.

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