I decided to ask for acupuncture treatments

I decided to ask for acupuncture treatments

Steve, here is my story.

I suffer from a nine year old back injury and have been going through traditional treatment with various doctors. Physical therapy was a way of life for me during the first four of those years. It got me back on my feet and living a fairly normal life again. Needless to say, drugs were prescribed quite heavily. I’ve taken an enormous amount of them.

In the last year or so my level of pain was really getting out of control again and I was losing the muscle mass in my right leg. I fell numerous times because my leg would not support me anymore – I just couldn’t trust it! The back and leg pain was such that it was difficult to even sit on the toilet. I was miserable!

I decided to ask for acupuncture treatments. I was skeptical but I had tried most everything else. That’s when I met Steve Phillips. In the first five treatments the strength was returning to my leg and the pain level was decreasing. I can even sit and enjoy my morning constitutional again. I no longer worry about falling down, I’ve cut back on the drugs, and life is getting more enjoyable. Thanks Steve! Thanks for the professional treatment and your easy and caring manner.

Bob D.

Treated (for): Sciatica, Disc Herniation and Disc Degeneration, Back Pain - General

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