Acupuncture is an amazing technique

Acupuncture is an amazing technique

I have battled depression, chronic insomnia and back pain as long as I can remember. Doctors couldn’t explain the extent of my problems, neither give me medication that would alleviate my symptoms. I was taken 13 different pills a day, to the point that doctors decided to quit prescribing me medication. Nothing helped!

I approached Steve Phillips last February/2008 when I read an article about acupuncture and its amazing results. At first, I have to say, I wasn’t very sure about it as many doctors couldn’t find what was wrong with me, but since I had already given up on traditional medicine, I thought: Why not? What else is there to lose?

First consultation with Steve was a blessing by itself. He spent the longest time just listening to my complains and with great kindness he smiled to me and said not to worry because he was going to help me. I asked about the length of the treatment, having in mind that my doctors treated me for 15 years without success, and Steve calmly answered me that it would take five sessions. I was in dismay, but I was willing to try anything that promised me relief.

Well, I do have to report that Steve was wrong about it. I felt visibly better after the first session. In the second session, my back pain seemed to have vanished. My third session gave me my first night with 8 hours of sound sleep in the last 15 years. My fourth session brought me so much peace and tranquility that I thought I had finally found the cure. After that I felt so much better that I didn’t go back to see Steve for another seven months. Yes, it took less than the predicted five weeks, but hey, no complains there!

Last week I went to see Steve again to balance out my energy as I was getting quite stressed and my back started to hurt again. I had a great session and my back pain and stress vanished a couple hours later. I am happy to report that I no longer take any medications, haven’t had any deppression episode since February, my sleep pattern is 70% better and I had no back pain at all until last week. Acupuncture is an amazing technique that truly works, and Steve is a natural healer. I highly recommend him to everyone, who just like me, is looking for real healing.

Tatiana Moriarty - Elk Grove, CA

Treated (for): Insomnia, Depression, Back Pain - General

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