Adept at his practice of acupuncture

Steve Phillips is knowledgeable and adept at his practice of acupuncture. I can personally recommend his skill based on my personal experience. I had suffered a neck injury at work and had all of the clinical signs of cervical disc impingement (pain, decreased muscle strength and loss of range of motion). After just one acupuncture […]

Without acupuncture, I would be unable to work—or play!

Hi Steve Thank you for improving the quality of my life. I have a bulging disc, and without acupuncture, I would be unable to work—or play! The improvement in my neck is miraculous. I was skeptical at first but no longer. You provide a valuable tool for health and well being. Thank you again.

Acupuncture has helped manage the pain

I have been treated with Acupuncture for the past 10 years. I originally started using Acupuncture to help manage the pain from sciatic nerves in my lower back from a disc problem. When my tendonitis in my elbow flared up Acupuncture helped that as well. I suffered a bad fall and broke my tibia and […]

I felt the difference in my well being

This is my testimonial to the treatment given by Steve Phillips, M.A., L.Ac. Maybe I should tell you my story. I was in an auto accident in 10/2006 and I had chiropractic care for 45 months, it helped for a while and so I saw a massage therapist and that helped for a while, but […]

So much better

After a year of life-altering neck pain and migraines caused by herniated discs, which was never helped by months of physical therapy or anti-inflammatories, I felt desperate. My family was planning a week long vacation (to Disneyland) over Thanksgiving week and I couldn’t bear the thought of being in pain the entire time. So I […]

I feel hopeful that I will regain my full mobility

Over the past 3 months I’ve come to believe that Steve Phillips works magic with his tiny acupuncture needles! I didn’t think that I would ever find the relief that I’m experiencing now. My story is a common one in which my low back pain and sciatica continued to worsen year after year despite my […]

Steve has been a pleasure to work with in so many ways

I am writing this sincere and thankful endorsement of acupuncture treatment in general and Steve Phillips in particular. I began my treatment nearly a year ago for unremitting pain in my right forearm and elbow area that had originated about four months earlier as a result of a lifting injury. Visits with my primary care […]

Acupuncture was the keystone to my recovery

I would like to take this opportunity to write a brief testimonial for Steve Phillips, L.Ac. I have worked in the medical field now for 15 years and hold licenses in two healthcare modalities. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many medical doctors and other healthcare professionals and this experience has enriched my knowledge […]

I recommend this highly skilled medical professional

In March 2006 a head doctor of a specialty clinic of a HMO referred me to Steve Phillips for monthly acupuncture treatments. For some years, I’ve had deteriorating degenerative disc disease that causes pain and stiffness. Over a period of some 20 years I have had a condition called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that causes […]

I was in constant pain

Dear Steve: I wanted to write to let you know how thoroughly surprised and happy I am with the results of the acupuncture treatments I received, and am still receiving, from you for my chronic back and neck pain. When I originally came to you it was as a last ditch effort to avoid a […]