Steve has been a pleasure to work with in so many ways

Steve has been a pleasure to work with in so many ways

I am writing this sincere and thankful endorsement of acupuncture treatment in general and Steve Phillips in particular. I began my treatment nearly a year ago for unremitting pain in my right forearm and elbow area that had originated about four months earlier as a result of a lifting injury. Visits with my primary care doctor and medications had not resulted in any significant improvement in my pain level or return of function. Steve was able to provide pain relief after just one visit and within about 3 to 4 treatments the pain was entirely gone. As my elbow treatment was occurring, I had a recurrence of some back pain that was related to a disc compression and sciatica nerve related pain. Steve was able to begin treating this back pain as he was completing the treatment for the elbow. Because these two treatments were so successful and helpful to me, I asked Steve to work on other pain issues in my shoulders with excellent results. The most recent treatments Steve has provided are focused on Carpal Tunnel issues that have developed over the last year. Acupuncture treatment has succeeded in addressing this condition as well. In addition to the acupuncture, Steve offered suggestions such as specific stretching exercises which were helpful in preventing a return of the pain issues in my shoulders, elbow, arms, and wrists.

Steve is an exceptionally knowledgeable practitioner of Acupuncture who has a very professional manner that inspires trust and confidence. His training, his confidence in the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment, and his genuine interest in the overall well being of his clients are all key aspects of his successful treatments. He is an excellent listener who gives his full attention to each person who consults him for assistance. He has the ability to answer questions in a comprehensive and understandable manner that lets his clients know that he has clearly understood their concerns and that encourages the type of additional discussion that enhances treatment decisions and effectiveness.

Finally, Steve offered numerous recommendations that have assisted me in altering my lifestyle in ways that have enabled me to begin losing weight and to eat in a manner that is much healthier. One extremely positive outcome of following Steve’s advice and guidance in lifestyle changes has been significantly improved management of my diabetes reflected in blood glucose levels that are more frequently in the normal range. In addition, I think the acupuncture treatment has improved my immune system and resistance to illness such as colds and flu caused by viruses.

Steve has been a pleasure to work with in so many ways. He is personable, professional, flexible, friendly, knowledgeable, and wonderfully competent in performing acupuncture treatments for a wide variety of issues. It has been a pleasure to work with such a caring and competent acupuncture provider and I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend him as an exemplary person and acupuncture practitioner.

Stephen Grouell, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

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