The pain has lessened

I am a registered dental assistant for a private dental office for about 20 years. I have carpal tunnel syndrome due to work-related causes for the last ten years now. I am constantly in pain throughout the day. The severity of the pain increases as the day continues. Ever since I have been receiving acupuncture […]

The only option offered to me from my primary care physician was surgery

For the past three years I have suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome. It wasn’t bad at first, but then, I began to have numbness all the time and, at night, I had severe pain even though I was wearing splints on both hands. The pain sometimes kept me up for two hours. I was tired […]

Steve has been a pleasure to work with in so many ways

I am writing this sincere and thankful endorsement of acupuncture treatment in general and Steve Phillips in particular. I began my treatment nearly a year ago for unremitting pain in my right forearm and elbow area that had originated about four months earlier as a result of a lifting injury. Visits with my primary care […]