I feel hopeful that I will regain my full mobility

Over the past 3 months I’ve come to believe that Steve Phillips works magic with his tiny acupuncture needles! I didn’t think that I would ever find the relief that I’m experiencing now.

My story is a common one in which my low back pain and sciatica continued to worsen year after year despite my best efforts. Each attempt met with more pain and frustration. I sought medical intervention and was seen by several very kind Physical Therapists, given medication and eventually referred to Kaiser’s Pain Clinic. I was offered a procedure that would destroy the nerves near my problem joints, but may only be temporary and the nerves might reconnect in different pathways. I wanted to explore a less invasive procedure but wasn’t optimistic since I had tried 4 years of Pilates and many, many years of Yoga. I remained active and modified my exercise from running to walking yet my mobility decreased and my pain increased. Walking was painful, sitting in a car for more than 20 minutes caused severe pain. My life became constricted and less joyful. The fear that I would continue this downhill spiral frightened me.

I asked the Pain Clinic about acupuncture and was referred to Steve. He is a caring professional who inspires confidence and trust. After 5 sessions I had 2 days pain free and was amazed… I’d forgotten what that felt like. After working with Steve for several months my former life is returning to me. I feel hopeful that I will regain my full mobility and again enjoy my Yoga classes and long walks. Today it is the occasional flare-ups that surprise me, not the absence of pain. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Steve Phillips. His self-confidence is reassuring and his skills are incredible.

Robin McKnight, PhD

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