My treatment is consistently accurate

My treatment is consistently accurate

Since beginning treatment with Steve Phillips, L.Ac., my health is much improved. I began treatment on May 8, 2002 as a result of a severe back injury suffered at work–I tripped and fell with a patient in my arms during a lift, pivot, and transfer movement. My diagnosis was severe sprain/strain of the lower lumbar and sacral spine. I have a marked sensitivity to most medications and so am unable to use them at all because the pain relief is never worth the side-effects for me–I have noticed marked changes.

I began treatment with a coordinated chiropractic and acupuncture pair. My pain was relieved right away, it was the acupuncture! I dropped the chiropractic. My pain is relieved, my muscle spasms gone, my posture is much improved. My treatment is consistently accurate, creative, timely and appropriate. I was considering a series of 3 back surgeries to help me regain what I have now from acupuncture (twice per month) and periodic conservative chiropractic (every 6 weeks) and exercise. I am happy, pain free, mobile, and I have still not had those three back surgeries.

Joan Holly, R.N. age 72

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