I am very glad that I stumbled upon Steve

I was looking for an acupuncturist with an extensive knowledge in Sacramento Area and I came across Steve on the net search. Prior to beginning my acupuncture with Steve, I had a few sessions with another practitioner in LA who was fairly new to his practice. While those sessions were very helpful, I am very […]

Acupuncture was the keystone to my recovery

I would like to take this opportunity to write a brief testimonial for Steve Phillips, L.Ac. I have worked in the medical field now for 15 years and hold licenses in two healthcare modalities. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many medical doctors and other healthcare professionals and this experience has enriched my knowledge […]

I am completely out of pain most all of the time

I had never considered acupuncture before in my life because I was mildly frightened by the idea of multiple needles. However, when traditional therapies such as exercise, massage, and medicines failed to heal back spasms that had lasted for months, my doctor advised me to try acupuncture and gave me the names of a few […]

My treatment is consistently accurate

Since beginning treatment with Steve Phillips, L.Ac., my health is much improved. I began treatment on May 8, 2002 as a result of a severe back injury suffered at work–I tripped and fell with a patient in my arms during a lift, pivot, and transfer movement. My diagnosis was severe sprain/strain of the lower lumbar […]

Ibuprofen wasn’t working

Nine years ago, I endured a car accident that caused me a “whiplash” injury to the right side of my neck. At the time of the accident and for a several months following, I was in a significant amount of pain. Although it seemed to gradually decrease with the use of ibuprofen and physical therapy. […]

Treatment completely released the spasm

I have had back spasms caused by tension for the last 40 years. I discovered in my 20’s that acupuncture was just as effective as muscle relaxants but had no side effect. (Muscle relaxants always made me feel unpleasantly nauseous and drowsy.) The occurrence of spasms had slowly decreased over the years. However, when I […]