I am very glad that I stumbled upon Steve

I was looking for an acupuncturist with an extensive knowledge in Sacramento Area and I came across Steve on the net search. Prior to beginning my acupuncture with Steve, I had a few sessions with another practitioner in LA who was fairly new to his practice. While those sessions were very helpful, I am very glad that I stumbled upon Steve.

I primarily came for my anxiety/stress issues which stemmed from having a strict upbringing as well as a number of emotional issues such as going through war, losing a loved one, and moving from place to place, which, at times, can be very emotionally draining.

Prior to sessions with Steve, I already had Tai Chi as well as Yoga at my disposal, but I thought that adding another healing tool could not hurt. Being fairly new to Tai Chi and the workings of internal energy and breathing, I had a general understanding of how the acupuncture might work. The principles of Tai Chi are such that any tightness in the muscles leads to unnecessary strain and imbalance in the body, and that in order to regain health, it is imperative to rid oneself of that strain. Unfortunately, that strain accumulates in the body as we experience stressful events. It is ok to experience stressful events, as long as we are aware that the tightness in the muscles must be released. Even the smallest muscle tightness can throw the whole body out of balance.

In my case, having the needle inserted into a muscle that’s tight, has done wonders. I’m sure that it’s a whole lot more thoughtful than this if you read Chinese literature, but I am very scientific person and I think that there’s a scientific value to acupuncture. My problem turned out to be a very tense lower back which prevented me from deep breathing. Even though I did Tai Chi and Yoga which are great tools for anyone, my problem turned out to be an inability to consciously release tightness of certain deeper muscles in my lower back. Acupuncture did just that, primarily because I did not have to do anything consciously.

It can take some time for it to start working as we have accumulated tightness in our bodies for a lifetime. Muscles will not relax all at once, but rather over time with some patience. I always make sure that I’m good to myself and that if any emotions surface after an acupuncture session, I have to fully let them be and accept them. Any resistance will just further constrict the muscles. I hope that my review can be helpful to some who have had a very stressful life.


Treated (for): Well Being, Stress Management, Muscle Spasms, General Health, Energy Enhancement and Energy Balancing

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