Stress Management

Kind healing help

Dear Steve, Thank you so very much for your kind healing help on using acupuncture on my poor little thumbs’ area (tendonitis). The pain has at least gone. My left thumb area is now doing fine. But of course I’m right-handed so the thumb area on the right is not completely well. But we tried! […]

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Ibuprofen wasn’t working

Nine years ago, I endured a car accident that caused me a “whiplash” injury to the right side of my neck. At the time of the accident and for a several months following, I was in a significant amount of pain. Although it seemed to gradually decrease with the use of ibuprofen and physical therapy.

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Today I feel strong

After a fall two years ago, doctors found signs of multiple sclerosis. Ever since then, Steve has been treating me for that as well as back and leg pain and weakness. Today I feel strong and stable, and I look forward to my future with confidence and enthusiasm. The acupuncture has also helped me a

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Noticed a big difference

I have had acne my whole life, and in the process, have seen numerous dermatologists who have prescribed Tetracycline, Retin A, and other topical solutions. My acne would always come back, there would always be some left over, but I had given up over years of treatment. In the process of being very stressed out,

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I have been using alternative medicine for at least thirty years, and am very familiar with the many different methods. At different times during the last several years, I have seen Steve for digestive problems, neck pain, breathing problems, and stress. The results for all of those conditions have been outstanding. The soreness in my

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