Stress levels are minimal after I leave Steve’s office

Re: Steve Phillips

I am a patient of Steve Phillips. I came to him with complaints of lipoma of the neck and leg, and stress levels that bring on panic attacks.

Since coming to Steve, the lipoma in my leg has dissipated and the one in my neck is half its size. I believe it would be smaller than that, but due to my constant travel schedule and my failure to keep all of my appointments, he has not had a chance to fully focus on it like he would like to.

My stress levels are minimal after I leave Steve’s office. I am calm and at peace. When Steve first started seeing me, I was WIRED (for lack of a better word)…now I relax and fall asleep on the table, and leave feeling great.

I have been to 2 other acupuncturists over the last 10 years. Never once did I leave their offices feeling relaxed.

I enjoy seeing Steve because I can communicate with him. He answers any questions or concerns I may have. He an understanding and kind person. He’s great at what he does and he clearly enjoys what he does for his patients.

I recommend Steve to my own patients as well as friends who live in this area.

Lori W., age 45-50

Treated (for): Stress Management, Relaxation, Panic Attacks, Lipoma, Anxiety

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