A very calming experience!

My experience with Steve at the acupuncture clinic has been very positive. On the advice of a friend I sought out an acupuncturist for the treatment of anxiety as well as insomnia. Each session, along with being extremely calming in and of itself, has contributed to what I’ve noticed has been a real decline in […]

Very professional

Steve Phillips has been treating me for around two years assisting me to cope with several chronic medical issues of mine, which include chronic low back pain, a rotator cuff problem in my shoulder, and anxiety. I can say without any doubt that Steve is very professional and has a deep concern for his patients. […]

Stress levels are minimal after I leave Steve’s office

Re: Steve Phillips I am a patient of Steve Phillips. I came to him with complaints of lipoma of the neck and leg, and stress levels that bring on panic attacks. Since coming to Steve, the lipoma in my leg has dissipated and the one in my neck is half its size. I believe it […]

Today I feel strong

After a fall two years ago, doctors found signs of multiple sclerosis. Ever since then, Steve has been treating me for that as well as back and leg pain and weakness. Today I feel strong and stable, and I look forward to my future with confidence and enthusiasm. The acupuncture has also helped me a […]

Truly cares for his patients’ well being

I started going to the Acupuncture Center in September of 2007. Prior to my first treatment with Steve, I was constantly anxious. I would get attacks frequently. Sometimes I would feel like I was at the end of my rope, like I had no way to escape the way I felt. Steve listened to all […]

Dramatic improvement in both frequency and severity of headache

I was referred to Steve Phillips by Kaiser for headaches, where I’ve been treated for many years. I have daily headaches with several severe migraines every year bad enough to cause me to miss work for several days at a time. After my first visit I had a few days of minimal headaches; after three […]

Disabling anxiety problem

My husband and I started acupuncture treatment with a great degree of skepticism but it was our last resort to find a cure for my husband’s anxiety problem. It was affecting his quality of life. To our amazement after visiting Steve for a number of weeks he is completely cured of his anxiety. I still […]

Positive results

I first saw Steve Phillips for acupuncture treatments in 2004. I was experiencing headaches and nausea from subdural hematomas. The sessions helped to lessen these symptoms. Over the past few years I have undergone acupuncture treatments for a variety of conditions such as anxiety, pain in my knees, my shoulder and a sinus condition. All […]