Very professional

Steve Phillips has been treating me for around two years assisting me to cope with several chronic medical issues of mine, which include chronic low back pain, a rotator cuff problem in my shoulder, and anxiety. I can say without any doubt that Steve is very professional and has a deep concern for his patients. Prior to each session, Steve is sure to evaluate me and makes sure to address any issues that are currently hindering me. He is then able to adjust my treatment so that I’m able to gain the maximum benefit from the session. Steve has always clearly explained his recommended treatment with me and made sure that I was comfortable with his suggestion before proceeding.

Through the past two years with regular acupuncture treatments I have found that most of my medical issues are much easier to manage. The back and shoulder pain is much improved. In addition, each session has allowed me the time to grow through the solitude and quiet music which allows me to easily fall into a meditative state and focus on my body and spirit. This greatly helps my anxiety.

I would highly recommend to someone who is having difficulty maintaining any medical issue to sincerely consider Steve Phillips Acupuncture Clinic. It truly is an incredible alternative method of treatment to utilize in conjunction with your current medical treatments.

Todd M.

Treated (for): Shoulder Pain, General Health, Back Pain - General, Anxiety

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