One of the best decisions of my life

Acupuncture has been a real lifesaver! I used to get migraine headaches 3-4 times a week. I tried practically every medication out there including botox injections. Nothing worked… until I was told about Steve Phillips and the Acupuncture Clinic. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying. Steve did a complete review of my […]

Be kind to yourself.

There are two people in my life that are extremely important to me. I often tell my nine doctors that I will give them all up before I give up my Acupuncturist, Steve Phillips, and my Bowen Therapist, Christine Jones. I have been seeing Steve for about three years and Christine for over ten years. […]

Gives me more energy

Acupuncture is very relaxing and gives me more energy, pain relief and a general feeling of well-being. The treatments are given in a peaceful and very supportive atmosphere.

Fallen in love with acupuncture!

I found Steve on the Internet. I had a recommendation for another acupuncturist but I had a strong feeling about going to Steve’s clinic. I was impressed by his training and long time in service. It’s been a great choice. I decided to come in and have a few treatments for a diagnosis a doctor […]

Helped to relieve my pain

I started seeking alternative treatment for my tendonitis of the elbow which I had substantiated from a work injury. I have tried physical therapy along with a chiropractor in the beginning with no effect. It was acupuncture which helped to relieve my pain. I could feel the improvement after a few treatments. Dr. Phillips, an […]

I felt the difference in my well being

This is my testimonial to the treatment given by Steve Phillips, M.A., L.Ac. Maybe I should tell you my story. I was in an auto accident in 10/2006 and I had chiropractic care for 45 months, it helped for a while and so I saw a massage therapist and that helped for a while, but […]

Many thanks to Steve!

I have been a patient of Steve’s for about 20 years. Over the years he has treated me successfully for sciatica; he has accelerated me through flu and cold symptoms so that I could return to work instead of having to take days off to endure the illness. Steve also uses acupuncture to calm nerves […]

I am completely out of pain most all of the time

I had never considered acupuncture before in my life because I was mildly frightened by the idea of multiple needles. However, when traditional therapies such as exercise, massage, and medicines failed to heal back spasms that had lasted for months, my doctor advised me to try acupuncture and gave me the names of a few […]

Ibuprofen wasn’t working

Nine years ago, I endured a car accident that caused me a “whiplash” injury to the right side of my neck. At the time of the accident and for a several months following, I was in a significant amount of pain. Although it seemed to gradually decrease with the use of ibuprofen and physical therapy. […]

A very calming experience!

My experience with Steve at the acupuncture clinic has been very positive. On the advice of a friend I sought out an acupuncturist for the treatment of anxiety as well as insomnia. Each session, along with being extremely calming in and of itself, has contributed to what I’ve noticed has been a real decline in […]