I have been using alternative medicine for at least thirty years, and am very familiar with the many different methods. At different times during the last several years, I have seen Steve for digestive problems, neck pain, breathing problems, and stress. The results for all of those conditions have been outstanding. The soreness in my neck kept me awake at night and was almost unbearable. After one acupuncture treatment, not only was my neck pain completely gone, but as a side benefit of that particular treatment, I was in a state of complete bliss! The difference was truly dramatic. My breathing problems (shortness of breath from a hiatal hernia) were relieved after several treatments. I am thankful to have found his office, and would consider him to be my first option for treatment. As an alternative practitioner, Steve is the best. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering acupuncture or herbal medicine, for his peaceful manner, his professionalism, and his consistent results.


Treated (for): Stress Management, Relaxation, Neck Pain, General Health, Digestive Disorders, Abdominal Bloating

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