Kind healing help

Dear Steve,

Thank you so very much for your kind healing help on using acupuncture on my poor little thumbs’ area (tendonitis). The pain has at least gone. My left thumb area is now doing fine. But of course I’m right-handed so the thumb area on the right is not completely well. But we tried! And the stress release treatment that you had also done for me has been absolutely great! I’d always looked forward to it. I even fell asleep a few times–and that doesn’t happen to me! And one more thank you–and that is relieving the pain in the sciatica area. At least I could apply pressure when standing and walking was not so painful! And that was with one treatment! I will surely come to you again when there is a need! Thank you for your kind help. I will of course recommend any one that needs help to you—you have been so helpful.



Treated (for): Stress Management, Sciatica, Hand Pain

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