Treatment completely released the spasm

Treatment completely released the spasm

I have had back spasms caused by tension for the last 40 years. I discovered in my 20’s that acupuncture was just as effective as muscle relaxants but had no side effect. (Muscle relaxants always made me feel unpleasantly nauseous and drowsy.)

The occurrence of spasms had slowly decreased over the years. However, when I lost my job last summer, the spasms returned. Between September and December, I had 5 absolutely debilitating spasms, one after another, each lasting a week or more. By the fifth spasm, I was desperate to find some relief. My good luck was in finding Steve Phillips.

I was astounded after my first visit with Steve because his treatment completely released the spasm. Previously, acupuncture (and medication) had reduced the pain of spasms and shortened my recovery time, but had never been this effective. Although my muscles were sore, the spasm was, in fact, gone.

Since that first treatment, I have continued periodic treatments to relieve and manage my stress and have not had a single back spasm. Quite amazing.

Steve Phillip is a uniquely talented acupuncturist; he has my whole-hearted recommendation.

Linda B.

Treated (for): Muscle Spasms, Back Pain - Low, Back Pain - General

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