Allowing me to live a fuller life

Steve Phillips has performed acupuncture for me for many years treating the osteoarthritis in both shoulders which has eroded the cartilage in the shoulder joints.

This condition creates pain from the right elbow to the left causing pain across my shoulders, into my neck, and creates great difficulty in performing many tasks of daily living.

The acupuncture treatments aid greatly in the control of pain, allowing me to live a fuller life despite the problems caused by the osteoarthritis.

Steve also treats other bodily conditions arising from use and abuse related to activity stemming from my profession as a registered nurse and activity of daily living.

I highly recommend Steve to perform acupuncture for the myriad of bodily problems occurring from daily life, to enjoy relief of pain, release of tension, reduction of stress level, and overall bodily rejuvenation.

Lois Mikelson, R.N., M.F.C.C., Ph. D, and Reiki Master

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