Has done wonders for my back

It is with pleasure that I am writing this testimonial regarding Steve Phillips. I have known him for several years and have come to respect him greatly. He has done wonders for my back that had been injured years ago in a car accident. He has also helped my osteoarthritis. Steve has proven to be […]

Limped into his office, and then walked out as if I never had a problem

In 2004 I began acupuncture treatments with Steve Phillips for muscle pains related to arthritis in my leg and hip. Very often I have limped into his office, and then walked out as if there had never had a problem. During those visits he would often treat a stiff neck as well as a sore […]

A convert for acupuncture!!!

I want to say that I was skeptical about acupuncture at first. I’d been in medical training where we had to practice injections on our classmates, and I don’t mind telling you that it hurt sometimes. The idea of putting needles in me all over the body was not what I was looking forward to. […]

The pain disappeared

Over the past several years, I experienced continual pain in my hands from arthritis in my thumbs and two “trigger fingers” on each hand. The medical term for this is stenosing tenosynovitis and it causes the fingers to lock up when flexing. I tried cortisone shots with no relief and surgery was the next step. […]

Allowing me to live a fuller life

Steve Phillips has performed acupuncture for me for many years treating the osteoarthritis in both shoulders which has eroded the cartilage in the shoulder joints. This condition creates pain from the right elbow to the left causing pain across my shoulders, into my neck, and creates great difficulty in performing many tasks of daily living. […]

Am now beginning to take short walks without backlash of pain

My first few visits to see Steve were initially to work on lowering my blood pressure. As he began to question me about any further complaints, I revealed my most recent bouts with recurring pain and stiffness in my knees due to what my doctor has diagnosed as arthritis. After just a few treatments, targeting […]

Consider acupuncture as an alternative to conventional medication

My name is Mary Overton and I’m 59 years old. In June 2001, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. In the last 9 years I have taken pain medication, injections to my spine and I've also had two knee operations, Every day I live with pain in several parts of my body. The pain […]

Has helped me more than other acupuncturists that I have been to

Steve Phillips has applied acupuncture on me many times for my knee arthritis, hay fever, and other health issues. He has helped me more than the other acupuncturists that I have been to. He is kind and also uses TLC to work on his patients. I enjoy my visits and we joke sometimes. I highly […]

No inflamed joints since starting the treatment

I am a young woman who has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia for over three years. Over that time I’ve been on methotrexate, steroids, Enbrel, and a variety of other medications to try to help control my condition, none of which have been particularly successful. I never bought into the idea that […]

My ankles and wrists significantly improved

Although I am only in my early 50’s, my arthritis problems started about 10 years ago and significantly worsened over the past year. Most significantly affected were my knees, ankles and wrists/hands. After being told by a physician that I “just have to learn to live with arthritis”, I decided to try acupuncture. I have […]