Limped into his office, and then walked out as if I never had a problem

In 2004 I began acupuncture treatments with Steve Phillips for muscle pains related to arthritis in my leg and hip. Very often I have limped into his office, and then walked out as if there had never had a problem. During those visits he would often treat a stiff neck as well as a sore thumb which was interfering with piano performances.

Sometimes he has combined treatments for carpal tunnel with a basic energy treatment which has never failed to improve my spirits. Presently, he is treating me for IBS symptoms and there has been much improvement in just three sessions. In addition, after a recent total hip replacement, he is treating my lower back (sacroiliac joint) and helping my knees to recover from misalignment pains which resulted from compensating for that worn out hip.

I am very grateful to Steve for taking away so much pain and diminishing the need for medication, and for doing so with good humor, a very caring heart, and much professionalism.

Many thanks, Steve

Linda D., age 66

Treated (for): Pain Management, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hip Pain, Hand Pain, Digestive Disorders, Back Pain - Low, Back Pain - General, Arthritis

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