My discomfort was relieved

I developed acute foot pain from years of wearing ‘flip-flops’ that were damaging to my high arches. I spent 2 years going to podiatrists, getting xrays plus an MRI, going for physical therapy and wearing orthopedic inserts. Eventually, I sought Steve’s help and within 6-8 sessions, my discomfort was relieved. For the past 1 1/2 […]

Acupuncture has and is improving my life

p>IBS no longer controls my life! After 15 years of ever increasing medication, IBS still dictated what, when and if I could function. Acupuncture has and is improving my life. Three sessions hinted at relief. Six sessions allowed me to begin dropping off medication. And now? No longer trapped, free to leave the house any […]

Tangible relief

I began seeing Steve Phillips for acupuncture several months ago. I visited Steve initially with great skepticism to attempt to get relief from chronic depression. I was seeking out anything contrary to the approach with which several doctors had treated me (more and more pills). I was out of hope that I could and would […]

After a few appointments I was amazed at how good I started feeling

I was a skeptic at first because, I had tried another form of acupuncture and found it only helped a small amount, but my husband’s back had gone out on him and he could barely walk. A friend told us about Steve Philips’ acupuncture clinic and my husband had tried the chiropractor and was in […]

A co-worker recommended acupuncture

My lower back pain started after a fall down a flight of stairs. When it did not subside after several months, I visited my doctor and he prescribed pain medication and physical therapy. Both treatments did very little to actually solve the problem and only masked the issue. Several months later, a co-worker recommended acupuncture […]

I recommend this highly skilled medical professional

In March 2006 a head doctor of a specialty clinic of a HMO referred me to Steve Phillips for monthly acupuncture treatments. For some years, I’ve had deteriorating degenerative disc disease that causes pain and stiffness. Over a period of some 20 years I have had a condition called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that causes […]

Limped into his office, and then walked out as if I never had a problem

In 2004 I began acupuncture treatments with Steve Phillips for muscle pains related to arthritis in my leg and hip. Very often I have limped into his office, and then walked out as if there had never had a problem. During those visits he would often treat a stiff neck as well as a sore […]